To access the current versions of DRS3, DRS4 or Realtime please use the links below.

Image: login drs3.

DRS (Doctors Rostering System) is a piece of PC software designed to help with the complex task of ensuring that junior doctors' working practices are in line with the New Deal and the European Working Time Directive (EWTD).

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DRS4 is currently in beta phase. All rules analysis and calculations are at this stage indicative only and subject to change as details of the new contract are finalised. We will be adding further functionality to the site over the coming weeks, including the ability to calculate the pay associated with your rotas under the new contract.

Image: realtime.

The Realtime Rostering is a web based system that works in conjunction with the DRS (Doctors' Rostering System) to help users produce rosters that take into account factors such as annual leave, shift swaps and unexpected absences.